How to Excel in Summary Writing

“… summary-writing is essentially an act of deconstructing, disassembling—a skill that shouldn’t be lost on us if we consider how, at every point in our lives, at school, and later at work, we have to apply the fine art of synopsis.”

                  By Vivienne Yeo

HOW do we gun down all the points for our summary exercise? What’s the trick behind “using our words as far as possible”? Is there a more efficient way of keeping tab of our wordcount?

About the Workshop
In this workshop, we will address these questions by imagining ourselves in the mind of a writer, immersing our minds in his writing process. We will practice the gentle art of deconstructing and the skill of paraphrasing, studying from never-before-seen essays and articles (read: not the Ten-Year Series)—framed in the testing style of the ‘O’ Levels exam (80-word quota) and ‘A’ Levels exam (120-word quota).

1st Thu of the month: ‘O’ Levels
2nd Thu of the month: ‘A’ Levels

Expect a Dynamic, Insightful Discussion
We’ll engage students to suss out the key points
We’ll guide the critical thinking process and help students appreciate the process of sentence-making, revealing the writing process “live,” as lines unfold word-by-word

This Class is Great for:
Training the reading eye
Honing one’s diction and the skill of transitioning
Expanding the vocabulary

Open to:
Upper Secondary and Pre-University Level students

Every 1st and 2nd Thursdays of the month, from June to September 2015.
Jun: 2PM – 3:30PM
Jul – Sep: 7:30PM – 9PM

Single Session:  $75
Four Sessions:  $280 ($70 per session)
Eight Sessions: $520 ($65 per session)

No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, give your spot to a friend.

Add 10% Discount
If you’re already studying with us

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

Reserve Your Spot



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