How to Quote, When to Quote (and When Not to) – For Literature Students

“Quoting is an art. You’re not simply calling upon the inverted commas, encasing a quote within, and saying, “Here you go!” Consider the little intricacies: how to introduce your quote, how much to quote, or how to break up a long quotation and interpose it with an attributive verb. Then there’s punctuation: besides the colon and comma, there are also brackets. The more tools, the merrier, and the more creative decisions one has to make.

                  “On Quoting Right and Quoting Well
                  By Vivienne Yeo

IF quoting well and quoting right aren’t something you’ve thought about at all or in a long while, then this workshop could set the wheels spinning on all the important how to’s and how not to’s of quoting. What else do I need to know beyond mobilizing the quotation marks? Why does my quote look awkward and sound stiff? Are there rules behind altering verbs or nouns in a quote to accommodate the tense and sense of the sentence in which it sits?

About the Workshop
In this workshop for literature students, we will address these questions by walking students through the various styles of quoting, supported by lines and passages from journalists and writers we love. Get an insight to quoting maneuvers that just don’t work and why, and learn how they can be fixed. We will also get to practice what we learn by applying the various tricks in our quoting repertoire.

Expect a Dynamic, Insightful Discussion
We’ll examine a prose passage and a poem, then formulate observations and substantiating evidence, mapping them against writing frameworks such as PEEL, TEAL, or RSA (all different names, but same concepts)
As with all of our workshops, we’ll dive into the thick of sentence-making, revealing the writing process live, as lines unfold word-by-word

This Class is Great for:
Training the reading eye
Instilling discretion, good taste, and good judgment in writing
Cultivating greater awareness of punctuation and its possibilities

Open to:
Literature students, Upper Secondary / Pre-University (Jun 10 & 11)
Literature students, Lower Secondary (Jun 17 & 18)

Session One
Jun 10, Wed: 10AM – Noon (Upper Sec/Pre-U)
Jun 17, Wed: 10AM – Noon (Lower Sec)

On Quoting Right: Technical Mastery
The session opens with The Quoting Tool Kit, covering the vital tricks you need to know to quote effectively. It helps us answer the question, How should I introduce my quote? We’ll also give you a glimpse of the rules and conventions of quoting, and How Not to Quote—filled with important lessons on how to treat quotes kindly, how to respect other players in the quoting game, from punctuation to attributive verbs; and how, if all else fails, paraphrasing can just be as dependable.

Discussion and Writing Exercise
We’ll work on a prose passage, weaving textual evidence (as quotes or paraphrase) into our observations

Session Two
Jun 11, Thu: 10AM – Noon (Upper Sec/Pre-U)
Jun 18, Thu: 10AM – Noon (Lower Sec)

On Quoting Well: Incisive Observations
The session opens with Getting at What’s Relevant—insight to how writers pick away at only the material that serves them and how we can practice prudence and precision in the way we quote. It helps us answer the question, How much should we quote? We’ll also reveal some more tricks from The Quoting Tool Kit.

Discussion and Writing Exercise
We’ll work on a poem, weaving textual evidence (as quotes or paraphrase) into our observations

Double Session: $198
Single Session:  $110

Early Bird Discount 10%
Ends Jun 2, 2015 (for the Jun 10 & 11 workshop)
Ends Jun 9, 2015 (for the Jun 17 & 18 workshop)

Add 10% Discount
If you’re already studying with us

No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, give your spot to a friend.

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

Reserve Your Spot


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