How to Talk About the Language of Advertising

“Imagine stepping into the shoes of an advertising man: what kind of language is he drawn to? How does the language he’s chosen serve his purpose, whether it’s to sell a product, a service, or a cause?”

                  “Tackling the Visual Text Test”
                  By Vivienne Yeo

HOW does one talk about the language of advertising? That’s the question that always taunts you at the start of your comprehension paper—you know, that lean and lethal four-question section? How are taglines and headlines different? Is imagery the same thing as visual?

About the Workshop
In this workshop, we will address these questions by imagining ourselves in the mind of an advertising man, tasked to craft a message and image for an advertiser. We’ll have a big observation-response-analysis party, chewing on some really cool advertisements we love, and throwing in some past-year school exams.

Expect a Dynamic, Insightful Discussion
We’ll engage students to suss out the literary techniques in an advertisement
We’ll help students understand and appreciate the visual and word choices of an advertiser

This Class is Great for:
 Developing one’s understanding of literary techniques and how they are mobilized in marketing
 Training the mind to analyze and formulate responses
 Engaging the mind to appreciate the skill of effective presentation and the art of brevity

Open to:
All Secondary Level students

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, from May to September 2015.
Jun: 2PM – 3:30PM
May, Jul, Aug, Sep: 7:30PM – 9PM

Single Session:  $75
Five Sessions:  $340 ($68 per session)

No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, give your spot to a friend.

Add 10% Discount
If you’re already studying with us

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

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