How to Edit and Improve Your Essay

EDITING is the name they give to that 10-mark test in Section A of the ‘O’ level Paper One exam. That, unfortunately, is what many students and parents have come to think of as editing. But editing is so much more than correcting lone words: it’s about condensing sentences and modifying lines, clarifying ideas and cutting words that aren’t necessary.

Is this an exercise school teachers devote time to? Not really. Is this a skill that can be taught? Absolutely. What it takes is a sound understanding of the rules of good, effective writing—rules that make you clearer-eyed, more alert so that you can polish your prose wisely (and cut away words ruthlessly).

About the Workshop
Begin your editing journey with the words clutter and muddle, amplified through excerpts from student essays (yours, which you will submit ahead of the workshop, any one essay would do). As we critique each excerpt for their faults and flaws, we’ll also single out the parts that demonstrate strong, forceful writing. In this way, all our workshop students get to draw valuable lessons from each other’s mistakes. That’s probably the best way to learn how to write well—by first experiencing, firsthand, how not to write badly.

This workshop is great for:
– training the reading eye
– honing your editing skills
– helping you write (and think) in clear, clean, crisp prose

Open to:
– Upper Secondary and Pre-University Level students
– Lower Secondary students

Monday, 10 Aug 2015
– 10AM – noon (Upper Secondary and Pre-University)
– 2.30PM – 4:30PM (Lower Secondary)


No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, give your spot to a friend.

Add 10% Discount
If you’re already studying with us

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

Reserve Your Spot


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