The 2015 ‘O’ Level Workshop Series

AHEAD of 2016, get up close with the recently concluded 2015 ‘O’ levels English exam. We’ll walk through the two papers, devoting the first three sessions to Paper 2, and the next three to Paper 1. This workshop series aims not just to answer the exam questions, but to hone the techniques of reading and comprehension, and to improve the skill of writing.


* Literature 101 for non-Literature students
~ learn to tackle those Lit-styled questions on tone and language

* Refreshing your reading habits
~ instill greater depth and focus in the way you read (and write)
~ improve your skill at summary and the ability to see the micro details within the macro picture

* The importance of being specific
~ train your mind to be more articulate, more detail-driven, and to rise above the easier route of skimming over generalities

* Structure and theme
~ cultivate a more expansive mind so that you can weave your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, unified whole

* Finding your writing heroes
~ learn to write well and read better by imitating and emulating your writing heroes

Paper 2
The Art of Reading (and Summary)                                                  ~ Nov 7
Learn how a systematic style of highlighting can improve the way you read. Gather critical tips on summary-writing that not only cuts out word-counting time, but helps you gun down all the vital points that would ring in the marks.

Imagery and Diction: How To Talk About Language and Tone     ~ Nov 14
Wrap your mind around imagery and diction—literary knowledge that’s not just beneficial for those short two- or three-mark comprehension questions, but your writing as well. If you think you can write impressive prose without the poetic tricks of imagery and careful word choice, think again!

Mastering the Visual Text Test                                                        ~ Nov 21
Learn the important fundamentals on advertising. Get into the mind of professional advertisers and understand their craft, their insight on language, target audience, and the visuals that help them deliver their message.

Paper 1
Tuning Your Mind To Specifics                                                       ~ Nov 28
Learn how showing begins with specifics, and how all effective writing capture details that matter. We will apply our lesson on specifics to each of the four questions in Paper One, producing responses we can use for the Dec 5 workshop.

The Shape of Your Essay                                                                ~ Dec 5
Learn how to organize your essay, to gather and assemble disparate thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, unified structure. Consider also the art of transition, the seamless movement of one sentence to another, one paragraph to the next. We will invite students to work on one essay of their choice. Excerpts from these essays will be used for the Dec 12 workshop.

Write Tight                                                                                        ~ Dec 12
Train your eyes to revise, rewrite, snip, edit, move words around for style, clarity, and conciseness—an exercise similar to our “Improve It” blog posts.

Open To
Students from Secondary Two to Four

Saturdays: Nov 7, 14, 21, 28 / Dec 5, 12

2PM – 4PM

Series of Six: $432
Single Classes: $78

No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, give your spot to a friend.

Add 10% Discount
If you’re already studying with us

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

Reserve Your Spot
We will confirm your reservation when payment is made in full.

‘O’ Level 2014 Essays
Specials for all workshop participants: check out our four ‘O’ Level 2014 essays!


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