Clean Up After Your Mess

HUI Leng likes Milo. She has it three times a day, one for breakfast, another for tea, and the last one for a nightcap. Yesterday, at about four o’clock after she finished writing out a four-line answer on how the digestive juices work, she tipped her mug over her desk. “Crash!” There goes her last gulp of Milo and her darling polka-dotted mug.

“Auntie!” she screamed. “Come and clean this up!”

Alas, Auntie was busy pounding dried prawns with belachan, so Hui Leng just jumped into bed and took a nap. Presently, Smokey, her puppy, scampered into the bedroom and sniffed at the mug’s handle, then a chip off its lip. As he stepped back, he started and howled. Hui Leng started herself. A small shard had nicked his front left paw.

Poor Smokey! If only Hui Leng hadn’t been so spoiled and lazy, he wouldn’t have been hurt.

(151 words)

Faith Yang, Primary Four
January 2016

Also by Faith: Charred Onions and a Sooty Kitchen

This essay was written in response to three pictures:

  • a broken mug
  • a broom and dustpan
  • a puppy

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