Essay Rescue: Eight Ways to Edit and Save an Essay

WANT to learn the skill of editing, of how and when to snip away unnecessary words?

How can you develop the sensibilities of prudent word choice, and the art of thinking critically? Learn how to read like a writer, with a more discerning and observant eye, and why you should make curiosity, wonder, and astonishment the cornerstone of your writing.

The highlight of each session is a critique of essay excerpts from participating students, with commentary and edits to take home.

For our workshop flyer, visit Essay Rescue: Eight Ways to Edit and Save an Essay


Less is More ~ Mar 27

Understand the concept of a tight sentence versus a loose one, and the importance of polishing one’s prose. Learn how to quote effectively, and how to make better decisions and word choices through mindful writing.


The Sturdiness is in the Structure ~ Apr 3

Enliven your essay with some vital and basic journalistic skills. We’ll discuss how to write around a theme, the adventures of reporting and researching. Walk away with new, creative ideas on how to open and close an essay.


Transforming Your Writing With Literary Techniques ~ Apr 10

Learn what Baudelaire meant when he said, “Always be a poet, even in prose.” The writing advice may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Grasping basic literary techniques would not only enhance your writing, it would dramatically improve your comprehension.


The Courage of Experimenting ~ Apr 17

The nourishment for good writing is not so much writing practice, but reading with greater awareness and observation. This session invites students to cultivate the habit of jotting down beautiful sentences, putting new sentence structures to work and adopting newer ways to mobilize punctuation, especially the comma.

Open To
All Secondary Level, IB students

Sundays: Mar 27 | Apr 3, 10, 17

2PM – 4.15PM

Full Workshop: $342
Individual Session: $90
. Take 10% off if you’ve attended our March holiday workshop, Five Creative Ways to Start an Essay on Mar 14 – 15

No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, give your spot to a friend.

Add 10% Off
If you’re already studying with us

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

Reserve Your Spot
We will confirm your reservation when payment is made in full.

1・Get an additional 10% off if you’ve attended our two-part holiday workshop, Five Creative Ways to Start an Essay on Mar 14 – 15

2・’O’ Level 2014 Essays
Workshop participants get 10% off our ‘O’ Level 2014 essays. Check out these four essays here.



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