Words of the Week: Circumscribe and Revenant

AND the best actress award goes to …

BRIE Larson, who plays Ma in the film Room, based on the critically acclaimed captivity novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue. Here’s an opening snippet from an October 2015 review, ’Room,’ Mother and Child in 100 Square Feet by Manohla Dargis, film critic of The New York Times:

Having been kidnapped at 17 by a man she’s named Old Nick (Sean Bridgers), and given birth in captivity, Ma — as she’s known for most of the story — has held onto life through her child, whose world is circumscribed by four pitiful walls, his mother’s heart-heavy love and his own imagination.

Let’s learn the word “circumscribed”:

circumscribe (v) [with obj.]
restrict (something) within limits.

And while the chatter around the Oscars is still hot, here’s another word, revenant, the name of the film that gave Leonardo DiCaprio the Best Actor award:

revenant (n)
a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.

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Next up: Nom de Guerre

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