Down With That Bully

I am not someone who is likely going to win a medal for courage, but when it comes to bullies in school, you can count on me to stand up for the weak, the meek, and the victimized. Which was exactly what I did last year in March when Jack shoved Tim against the canteen wall, grabbing him by the collar.

“Come on, give me your wallet, you little rich kid!” he snarled, almost spitting into his face. 

Tim was so terrified he started to weep.

“OK, you stinking bookworm! Give me that wallet, where is it?”

Tim’s fingers inched into his right pocket and soon, he fished out a slim wallet. Jack rummaged its contents and pulled out two two-dollar bills, and a handful of coins, mostly twenty cents. And then, with great relish, he pulled out a soccer trading card, the same one I had traded with Tim the day before—a limited edition Lionel Messi. That slipped into this rotten bully’s pocket as well.

I was livid. Between storming up to Jack and giving him a punch and reporting him to the discipline master, I chose the prudent route. The discipline master had to know about this, but not before I walked up to the bully and told him to return Tim his wallet. Could you believe that Jack had eyes for the wallet as well?

“So you think you’re an angel, eh, Jordan buddy?” he said.

“I’m not trying to be one,” I said. “I just think you’re going too far.”

That was all I could say to someone so twisted in his thinking, so warped in his morals. The rest I had to leave to Mr. Chen, our discipline master. For his bad behavior, Jack was punished with cleaning duty for a whole week. He had to stay back in school for an hour after dismissal, sweeping the floor of eight classrooms.

I didn’t care so much that Jack had to go through hell for bullying Tim. All I really cared about was that the Messi card got returned to its rightful owner.

(349 words)

Jordan Ng, Primary Six
February 2016

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