How To Pronounce “Hasten,” “Chasten,” and “Christen”

NO one ever pronounces the “t” in listen. LIS-sen. Listen up!

In the same way, these three words observe a silent “t” as well: hasten, chasten, christen. That’s HAY-son, CHAY-son, KRIS-son, where the vowel in “son” is our ubiquitous schwa, the upside down ‘e’ —that symbol |ə| that sounds like ‘uh.

1. hasten |ˈheɪs(ə)n| (v)

be quick to do something: he hastened to refute the assertion.

・move or travel hurriedly: we hastened back to Paris.

・cause (something, especially something undesirable) to happen sooner than it otherwise would: this tragedy probably hastened his own death from heart disease.

2. chasten |ˈtʃeɪs(ə)n| (v)

・(of a reproof or misfortune) have a restraining or moderating effect on: the director was somewhat chastened by his recent flops

・(as adj.): a chastening experience.

3. christen |ˈkrɪs(ə)n| (v)

・give (a baby) a Christian name at baptism as a sign of admission to a Christian Church: [ with obj. and complement ]: their second daughter was christened Jeanette.

give a name to (someone or something) which reflects a notable characteristic: [ with obj. and complement ]: we have christened our regular train home the ghost train.

(informal) use for the first time: he bought a new pair of boots and christened them with his first goal at the McAlpine Stadium.

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