Dear ‘O’ Level Student: Think Concrete, Specific, Definite

Dear ‘O’ Level Student,

COUNTDOWN time, with 33 days to go before the big day!

To clear your mind a little, and perhaps declutter, as you rev up your revision, you’re probably looking to read essays that would spark ideas on how to articulate your ideas, and give form and shape to your observations.

We’ve compiled 19 essays from the 2013 to 2015 ‘O’ Level exams.

The subject scope is, as you’re all aware, vast and wide. You’re invited to share your take on possibly anything and everything.

My one gentle and evergreen tip is to be specific and to delve in details that matter. General, sweeping observations aren’t going to get you far. They are the hallmark of poor/mediocre essays precisely because broad, cursory generalizations don’t have anything concrete to cling to.

Read each of the essays I’ve collated below. All of them come alive because of specifics.

Rather than fret too much about language—use good words and good phrases, or worse, big words, dangerous advice too many school teachers dole out—I urge you to strive for concrete examples.

Concrete, specific, definite. Keep that as your mantra!

More of good words and good phrases, and big words, in my next blog …

‘O’ Level 2015

~ By Zhi Yi L., Secondary Three
#1: Four Pillows, A Blanket, and an iPhone ~ read 
#2: World Without Musicread
#3: Choices, Choices, Devilish Choices ~ read
#4: Have Phone, Will Chat (and Study)read

~ By Jiji S., Secondary Three
#2: When My Music Goes Bang, Bang, Bangread
#3: The Gift of Choices ~ read

~ By Chester C., Secondary Four
#2: Music, the World’s Only Real Language ~ read
#4: Death to Distractions ~ read

~ By Nathaniel S., Secondary Three
#4: Marching On With Technologyread

‘O’ Level 2014 

~ By Becky L., Secondary One
#4: The Best Things In Life Are Free ~ read

~ By Viv
#1: An Abundance That Echoes Throughout the Year ~ read
#2: Why Tourists Love Singapore ~ read
#3: The Man Who Was Born Round ~ read
#4: Memories and Happy Moments ~ read

‘O’ Level 2013 

~ By Nathaniel S., Secondary Three
#1: The Parent Playbook: Better Safe Than Sorry ~ read
#2: Food Culture, Singapore Style ~ read
#3: The Spirit and Personality of What We Wear ~ read
#4: The Joys of Sailing ~ read

~ By Chester C., Secondary Four
#3: The Way We Dress ~ read

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Singapore-based writer cooking and baking at home, and writing about her kitchen adventures

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