Friends in the Time of Study

WITHOUT friends, we are nothing. Our world would be one lonely, quiet universe. When the exams are near, the mood of worry and anxiety weighs heavy upon us. But that hard-to-shake-off oppression doesn’t feel twice as bad because you’re not alone. So many others are sitting for the exam as well; and for me, that big exam is the ‘O’ levels, exactly 19 days away.

Taking on that shared burden, especially in the company of friends, makes the journey that much more meaningful, that much more manageable. It’s like rowing a dragon boat in unison, each one of us digging our oars into the waters with great purpose and harmony.

Since September 13th, our teachers have opened the school to a Nite Study initiative, where students can study in the quiet of school from 5.30PM to 9PM. The success of this program rests on one simple motivation: friends. Because friends study better with friends. The only reason why you’d find me at Nite Study is because Ian is there, and Samuel too, and Nick, Joshua, Isaac, and sometimes even Joel.

The studying always feels warmer, more focused. At home, Minecraft can whisper to me surreptitiously when my mind starts to drift and crave something other than the stupid math sum in front of me, some tiresome question with lines intersecting each other in a graph. If it’s not Minecraft, it would be a diversion downstairs for a bowl of chips or some sweets, lounging a little with Ikkyo, my dog. Before you know it, these “little” moments have eaten away an hour of precious study time.

If I were at Nite Study, that rotten, undecipherable math sum would have been the subject of an enthusiastic conference. If none of us could figure it out, Isaac would. He isn’t called the “Math God” for nothing.

Have we ever lapsed into chit chat though? Of course. That’s one of the greatest allure of being in good company. But that’s not exactly a bad thing. Good company, after all, is decent, discerning, and kind. Our chatter is more de-stress than anything else. Once, we even played frisbee from five to six just to clear our minds of the tired tangle of study.

Come to think of it, I’ve never ever studied so much in my life. Nite Study has been a gift, but the greater gift is friendship. At play, at study, who could live without friends? 

(408 words)

Chester Chua, Secondary Four
September 2016

For more essays by Chester, visit Chester Writes.

This essay was written in response to the question:
Do friends help or hinder you in your studies?

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