Mad About Soccer

JARED, Jianwei and Junwen are crazy about soccer. They prefer to play soccer during recess rather than eat noodles like everyone else. This recent Monday, the boys dashed right out of the classroom the moment the recess bell rang at 10.30AM. By 10.32AM, they were already at the school field, kicking away at Junwen’s brand new soccer ball, a cool new present he got for his birthday over the weekend.

Jared got to dribble, Jianwei got to practice his header, and Junwen managed to work on his saves. They were so into their game that the drizzle that started minutes later didn’t bother them at all. They just played and played and played. The ball was just so good they didn’t even care that the rain was soon coming down so hard. They didn’t even hear the bell go.

It was only when Junwen slipped and landed on his bottom in a squelchy splash that they stopped. What a muddy, dirty boy he had become! The other two boys were no better. They were caked in mud around the shoes, shins and calves.

They couldn’t believe how late they were. It was 11.15AM, and by the time they got to class, it was 11.20AM. That’s a good 20 minutes late. They knew Mr. Chan, their mother tongue teacher, would be very upset, and of course, he was.

“Sorry, sir!” they whimpered.

He sent the boys out of the classroom. They stood outside staring at the miserable rain, feeling cold and clammy, thinking of nothing in particular except soccer.

(258 words)


Dylan Tan, Primary Three
March 2017

For more essays by Dylan, visit Dylan Writes.

This essay was written in response to three boxed pictures:

  • three boys playing soccer in a field
  • same picture, but now there’s rain
  • the same three boys sloshing into a classroom to the disdainful look of a teacher

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