Picnic at Bondi Beach

I have never ever had a picnic before until last March when my family spent the whole day at the the Bondi Beach in Sydney. The weather was lovely. The sun was shining, but it was not hot and sweaty like in Singapore. It is the kind of weather I wish we could have here everyday.

All of us were very excited. Nai Nai and Mommy wore their broad-brimmed sun hats. They looked gorgeous. Ye Ye and Daddy, my kid brother Kayden and I, all of us boys wore our caps. We looked cool, smart and sporty.

Our picnic was not a grand affair. Daddy prepared a giant Tupperware box of fusilli alla carbonara for everyone, and a small lunch box of fried rice for Kayden. For me, he bought a box of McChicken. And for himself, he got his favorite—a Big Mac.

When we got there at eleven o’clock, we tucked into all the goodies, including a basket of apples and oranges, grapes and pears. Then, it was splashing time in the Bondi waters. For a sunny day, it was surprisingly cold. Kayden and I squealed at the sudden tingle at our first plunge. Next, we had a castle-making competition. Guess who won? Me.

My castle never collapsed at all, while Kayden’s collapsed two times. He was so cross that he kicked my castle. I kicked his back, but by the time both of us gulped down our favorite Power Berry juice, we became friends again.

(250 words)


Dylan Tan, Primary Three
March 2017

For more essays by Dylan, visit Dylan Writes.

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