When Writing Seems Outer-Willed and Effortless

Truman Capote (Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe, 1981)

It is unusual, but occasionally it happens to almost every writer that the writing of some particular story seems outer-willed and effortless, it is as though one were a secretary transcribing the words of a voice from a cloud. The difficulty is maintaining contact with this spectral dictator. Eventually it developed that communication ran highest at night, as fevers are known to do after dusk. So I took to working all night and sleeping all day, a routine that distressed the household and caused constant disapproving comment: “But you’ve got everything turned upside down. You’re ruining your health.”

A Voice From a Cloud

~ Truman Capote (1924 – 1984)
American novelist and short story writer

This essay was sourced from:

Portraits and Observations:
The Essays of Truman Capote
(page 284)
. . .

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