Show More, Tell Less: How To Write With Flair and Style

SHOWING is not just “describing more” or piling on the adjectives. It is being specific and sensitive to details—not just any details, but the ones that matter, the ones that can drive your narrative forward and make your words come alive.

Regardless of the type of essay you’re writingnarrative, expository, argumentativeyou can elevate your writing from a flat, telling mode to a more engaging, showing style by applying some basic literary techniques.

Enjoy some writing practice as we craft telling versus showing sentences side by side to help you appreciate how the skill of showing can transform your writing. 

Your Key Takeaway
5 showing techniques that would help you write with flair and style

This Workshop Is Great For
training the reading eye
helping you capture color and compelling details in your writing
cultivating your skills of observation—the key to writing well 

Open To
Primary Level students
Secondary Level students

Primary Level (P4 – P6)
Tuesday, 20 June 2017
9.30AM – 12PM

Secondary Level (S1 – S4)
Tuesday, 20 June 2017
2.30PM – 5PM

$108 | $98 (for current 1-to-1 students)

Special Rates
If you’re taking at least three workshop modules this holiday
・$294 for 3 sessions | or $98 per session
・$264 for 3 sessions | or $88 per session (for current 1-to-1 students)

No refunds or credit. If you aren’t able to attend, please give your spot to a friend.

11 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596290

Group Size
No more than six

Reserve Your Spot
We will confirm your reservation once we receive your payment

Take-Home Treat
Go home with a mystery treat du jour from the baker-of-the-house

. . .

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