My Daddy, My Everything!


MY father is a man of simple tastes. He wouldn’t spend too much money on himself. His style of spending tends to be more cautious than carefree. He’s the checks and balances guy, the person who keeps Mommy and I reined in when it comes to purse matters. When it comes to many other things in the house, he’s got his eagle eyes roving around as well.

Oven not working, he’s the fix-it guy. Kid brother throwing his weight around, Daddy will take care of that. Don’t know how many more chocolate donuts were sold versus berry-glazed ones? Just ask the math whiz. Not sure whether there’s going to be replacement English tuition on Sunday, ask the Man. Of course, you can go ask Mommy, but she’ll say, “Go check the calendar.” But who’s the person behind the calendar?   

Daddy is so many things, gifted in math and DIY things, and blessed with a strong sense of justice. Just last week, when we were at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, a group of men tried to cut the queue at the bumper car ride. Tough luck! Daddy scolded them: “Don’t cut the queue!” I was terrified. Would they turn violent and sock a punch to his face? But Daddy didn’t care.

If only I were half as brave as him. But I’m a girl, too girlie, and still too young. Perhaps my sense of justice would grow with the years. In times like this, when I feel timid, afraid, even daunted, I like to play in my mind Daddy’s voice. “Do your best,” he likes to say, before the exams or a singing audition. All it takes is just those three words, and confidence just pops up and says hello.

Soon, I’ll be brave enough. Daddy’s girl, forever in admiration of my Daddy, my everything!

(306 words)


Therese Lee, Primary Five
June 2017

For more essays by Therese, visit Therese Writes.

This is a special feature essay celebrating Father’s Day.

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