Donald Bullies Hillary


MAKING friends is more my thing rather than making enemies. But with Donald, I just can’t find it in me to make friends with him. His hair looks perpetually crispy with hair wax and he thinks he’s the greatest and the best. That’s why bullying comes naturally to him. He comes from a rich family, but he is fond of filching money from his classmates on the pretext that he would return the money “next week.” He never does, unless you have the guts to keep hounding him.

Fortunately, he has never approached me. I’m the tomboy sort. I know how to say “No.” But Hillary, that silly girl, I always tell her: “Be careful of that Donald!” She’s happy-go-lucky, she likes to please people, she doesn’t know how to say “No.”

Last Wednesday, on her birthday, she received a windfall from both sets of grandparents, plus some more from her parents and her doting Auntie May. What a coincidence that the school’s book sale would take place over the next two days!

With two blue notes in her Hello Kitty purse, she was all ready to go book shopping, until Donald came along. He walked towards us with his idiotic swagger.

“Look, can I borrow fifty bucks from you, Hil?” he said. “I forgot to bring my wallet today.”

After some hesitation, she looked at me and then back at him. “Um, let me see,” she said, while peeping into her purse. I couldn’t believe she was even considering his request. I pulled her away and glared at Donald.

“Go away, you scumbag!” I said. “Don’t even think about it.”

For the first time ever, Donald walked away like a hurt puppy. We haven’t heard any stories of him bullying again, at least for now.

(298 words)


Hannah Lee, Primary Four
June 2017

For more essays by Hannah, visit Hannah Writes.


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