What Keeps Me Busy

GYMNASTICS, swimming, ballet, piano, and painting. These are the things that keep me busy every week. Oh, and I forgot tennis! There’s also Chinese. That makes me a busy girl. But busy girls are cool, definitely better than idling ones.

Of all the activities that keep me busy, I like gymnastics best. That’s because I’m good at it. I’ve won something like five gold medals in my lifetime. I’m just so happy on the gym mat doing my routines. It’s so energizing and I get to discover wonderful new things my body can do.

To be able to do the cool, agile, and flexible things I do, I train six times a week from Tuesday to Sunday, each session lasting from two to three hours.

By comparison, almost every other activity takes up only one hour per week. Swimming, ballet, piano, and tennis fall in this category. Chinese class is two hours, and painting is not fixed. My Daddy and I play with our watercolors whenever we have the time. Sadly, most of the time, we don’t.

Time, Time, if only we had more of you!

(186 words)


Kristen Chan, Primary Two
June 2017

For more essays by Kristen, visit Kristen Writes.

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