My First Time at the Circus

AMAZING acrobats, ultra-bendy girls, goofy clowns, super-scary acts, screams, lots of wows, heart-stopping feats, and thrills enough to remember forever. This was my first experience at the circusnot just any circus, but the Cirque du Soleil, who have given their most recent show in town a cool, cool name: Koozå.

It is hard to find a favorite among all the performances because each and every one of them was spectacular. But if you were to ask me what my absolute favorite was, it is this: the three golden bendy girls. When they move, it is as if their spine were made of rubber. The crown of their head could touch their bum. Oh, and their heels could touch their shoulders too!

They could squirm, wriggle, twist, and twine with each other in such fluid motions, you got a lovely, melting feeling. As a gymnast, I watched them with admiration, envy, and a wide-eyed wow.

My next favorite is the hoola hoop girl. She could spin not just three or four or five hoops simultaneously, but six. But wait, I think it was nine! Three around the waist, one around the neck, two on each arm and one on the leg.

This was the same girl who spun herself round and round the circus rink suspended from a hoop attached to a rope. No safety-net, no safety-wire. One could easily fear for her life, but I didn’t, not even when she was spinning with only one foot gripping on the hoop at the ankle joint, or just the back of her neck doing the same kind of magic. That’s because I was so confident she could do it, and she did.

If ever I were to be part of a circus troupe, I would go with the Cirque du Soleil and be one of those glamorous golden bendy girls.

(315 words)


Kristen Chan, Primary Two
September 2017

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