A Portrait of Daddy and Me Painting

(Image: hercampus.com)

THE holidays are upon us.

There is every reason to be excited. With a million things to do, I really don’t know where to start. Cycling, painting, playing cards and board games, scooting, swimming, hanging out with this crazy, chatty writing teacher who happens to cook and bake like mad. 

The one big thing I’d like to get cracking on is painting with my Daddy. We will sit by the balcony and paint the scenery. From where we are, we can see clouds, trees, and my kid brother playing with Natalie, his baby girlfriend, our neighbor.

We won’t be painting our own separate portraits. When we sit together, we paint one single portrait. This is how it works: Daddy paints the right side of the scenery, and I do the left side. We paint with water colors. He takes his time, and paints slowly. So do I, except that I paint even slower.

Now, why do I always paint the left side and never the right? Make a guess.

(169 words)


Kristen Chan, Primary Two
December 2017

For more essays by Kristen, visit Kristen Writes.


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