Holidays, Holidays, Yay, Yay, Yay!


THE holidays are upon us.

There is every reason to be excited. With a million things to do, I really don’t know where to start. Cycling, painting, playing cards and board games, scooting, swimming, getting away from Singapore, hanging out with this crazy, chatty writing teacher who happens to cook and bake like mad. 

Just this recent Sunday, I had a swimming play date with my kindergarten friends, all five of us. My father pumped up our blue whale and our rainbow-colored boat. The whale is about two meters long, and when you get on it, it always wobbles. Most times, you topple over. It is silly and fun, especially just before you splash into the water and scream. The boat is just as fun, only more relaxing because it is like a puffed-up chair.

I shall report back when I have more holiday stories to tell.

(149 words)


Ng Sher Lyn, Primary Two
December 2017

For more essays by Sher Lyn, visit Sher Lyn Writes.


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