Let’s Hear It From Charlotte!

~ E.B. White (1899 – 1985)
American writer, essayist, creator of Charlotte’s Web,
and the man who updated and edited The Elements of Style, a writing guide embraced by generations of teachers, students, and writers


Musings and Impressions
Depression and the Deep Funk were once my good friends for a while, a brooding long while. They crept up on me just as 2000 rolled along with a boisterous burst announcing the new millennium. I don’t know if you could ever unfriend them or unfollow them the way you would with one simple click on Facebook or Instagram. But as with all yucky things in life, we all just learn to deal with it. At the height of their meanness, I used to pop Ativan, an anti-depressant prescribed by Dr. Goldstein, whose practice wasn’t far from the Grand Central Station. I was still in New York then.

Just as 2018 rolled along, I too suffered little jangles of anxiety, none I can blame on Depression and Deep Funk—thank goodness! The nerves, the poor nerves have got to do with performance anxiety more than anything else. The little burdens of expectations, this goal, that one, this wanna-do, this must-do, that gotta-do. And when you multiply them by two, or three, or four, even five—I’m a greedy girl, remember?— everything gets so huge, so noisy, so unbearable. Then I wondered, Why are there so little laughs?

That’s why when I sat down two weeks ago with my student Edie to write a New Year’s reflection—a freewheeling, no-pressure piece—I couldn’t help feeling she was my kindred spirit. Her opening line, how I loved her opening line!

New Year’s Day makes me nervous.

I can’t write that now. It’s taken, so I’m quoting her. And I shall quote her too about the way she deals with worries. She’d say: “Oh I don’t care!” or “Never mind!” I love that because it’s like a whiteboard duster, it wipes out junk from the mind and gets you on a clean slate, a nice new plateau.

I always look for ideas and people who get me on clean slates and new plateaus. That’s also why I started Soul Quotes on my blog. Today, I invite a spider to clear the cobwebs from my crowded and sometimes cluttered mind.

May I also invite you, in your most frenzied and frenetic times, to call upon Charlotte, whose voice I love, whose I weaves I admire, and whose words will guide me forever, right up to my quiet little horizon, wherever, whenever that may be.

Never hurry and never worry!

The video–my very first!–was created on a beta platform on Spark. If you should experience any jumpy bits, I ask your kind indulgence while my friends at Adobe fix the kinks.

For more quotes like this, visit soul quotes


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