Are You a Sucker for Butter, Like Me?

viv’s seriously delicious almond butter cake (photo: viv)


Yes, that’s our humble new abode, our brand new web site devoted to baking, cooking, and the beautiful life.

What have we got for you at Sucker for Butter?

  • kitchen wisdom and stories
  • quotes from chefs we love, and food writers too (Anthony Bourdain, M.F.K. Fisher, Daniel Boulud, Jeong Kwan, David Chang, and so many more)
  • our cooking adventures (our latest is on the high art of frying tempura)
  • our seriously delicious bakes
  • lots of delicious photos

Sucker for Butter
We celebrate all the good things from the kitchen, the feasts and friendships at the table, the craft of cooks, culinary artisans and writers, and the wonders and alchemy of baking.

Come visit, come follow us. We’d love to share our life and stories with you.

Click on any of these photos, and you’d get right there!

When are you coming for tea and a butter cake? (photo: viv)
Lessons in Tempura (photo: viv)
The joy of simple food, according to Anthony Bourdain (Photo: Melanie Dunea)

Author: viv

Singapore-based writer cooking and baking at home, and writing about her kitchen adventures

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