2014 ‘O’ Level Essays

An Abundance That Echoes Throughout the Year
~ That’s probably why we eat our yu sheng first, not because it’s a salad, but because it’s a symbolic way of announcing what’s to come. Call it yu time, if you will, an ode to abundance, not just on chuxi night, but the rest of the year. ~ (549 words)  

‘O’ Levels 2014, Question #1
・Describe how you celebrated an important family occasion. Why will this event always remain in your memory?

Why Tourists Love Singapore
And being such a tiny island that takes less than an hour from east to west by car, Singapore really is, as Bourdain says, “the best place you can go for maximum bang in a minimum period of time.” And if you’re talking about hawker fare and street food, there’s that added bang for your dollar.  (564 words)  

‘O’ Levels 2014, Question #2
・Which features of Singapore and its citizens make it a major tourist attraction for people from all over the world?

The Man Who Was Born Round
In his memoir Born Round, you find, within the first two pages, all the hallmarks of classic Bruni—that wonderful gift of showing, the clever wordplay, the wry humor, the ready self-deprecation.  (637 words)  

‘O’ Levels 2014, Question #3
・Which person has the greatest influence on your life at the present time, and why?

Memories and Happy Moments
It was a private, solo salsa session—no cover charge, no closing hour, with the sea for a view and the sea breeze to keep cool.  (535 words)  

‘O’ Levels 2014, Question #4
・’The best things in life are free.’ Write about some of the occasions when you have found this to be true.

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