♦︎ Latest Essays ♦︎

Childhood Toys Are Made of These
When It Comes To Looks, Women Are Fussier
The Long Ride to the North of Thailand

 ♦︎ Narrative Essays ♦︎

Silly Matthew
To Catch a Falling Mirror
Have You Left Anything Behind?

♦︎ Writing Wisdom from Writers ♦︎

 F. Scott Fitzgerald on verbs
Marcel Proust on having new eyes
Elmore Leonard on the parts readers tend to skip

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mouse over writing wisdom and click on writer quotes

 ♦︎ Essays By Chester Chua ♦︎
A2 Student, ‘O’ Levels 2016

The Joys of the Outdoors
The Man I Want To Be
Music, The World’s Only Real Language
Death to Distractions

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you’ll find argumentative, expository, narrative essays, and more

♦︎ Summary ♦︎

Why We Dream
The Wonders of Camouflage
Planting Rice, From Seed to Grain


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