High-Rise Litterbug

WEDNESDAY is the happiest day of the week for Hsien Wei. He gets home at 2pm, instead of the usual 4pm, sometimes even 5pm. Last Wednesday, however, was not a happy day, far from it. The last anyone saw him conscious was Uncle Wan and his five-year-old granddaughter, Jenny, his neighbors four doors away. They waved hello and goodbye to him just by the playground beside their Jurong East home at Block 421.

Hsien Wei, as usual, was walking briskly, excited at the prospect of a quick lunch and then a few rounds of “League of Legends.” Just as he was about to step into the void deck, a bottle came crashing down on him. He collapsed, his left cheek pressed against the ground and his neck whipped grotesquely backwards. His arms were sprawled out and his backpack weighed down on his crumpled body.  Continue reading


Death to Distractions

SMARTPHONES are so widely used that they have become something of a social evil. People slouch into their iPhones or androids, sucked into a cyber world buzzing with all kinds of distractions: Likes and Shares, Tweets and WhatsApp messages, YouTube and music videos, newsfeeds, Snapchat and WeChat, the noise never stops. Having said that, anyone without a smartphone must surely be from a dinosaur age, unenlightened by the vast resources out there, that wondrous world we call the Internet.  Continue reading