The Spirit and Personality of What We Wear

HOW we dress speaks of who we are, our personality, and even our profession.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, for instance, would never sport an Issey Miyake black turtleneck, the kind that gave Steve Jobs that quintessential look of a relaxed yet stylish tech geek and entrepreneur rolled into one. As a leader of a country, whose national colors are red and white, it is natural for him to wear shirts that echo those very colors you find on the state flag. Continue reading


Word of the Week: Stemwinder

DIPLOMACY and politics may not be a student’s cup of tea, but last week, the subject proved not to be such a bitter pill for YX, who sat through the entire article, Cuba Meeting Between Obama and Castro Exposes Old Grievances, one of numerous pieces the New York Times had featured around President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba.

YX came away learning a dozen new words, among which these were the highlights:

Embargo, he had guessed, was “to pillage”; invoke, “to annoy”; and stifle was “to talk about”—no, hang on, maybe it’s “to hate.” Continue reading